Digitalisation and (Car)Mobility at the “70 Years of Ebner in Motion” Symposium​

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Alexander Rauscher was given the honour to open the “70 years of EBNER in motion” symposium with a keynote presentation on digitalisation and (car)Mobility. This expert symposium included high-caliber international speakers and presentations and took place on September 11 – 13, 2018 at EBNER’s factory in Leonding. EBNER is the global market leader for industrial furnace manufacturing, thus having a stake in the future development of the automotive industry.

Digitalisation and (Car)Mobility

In a rapidly changing environment, industries are forced to adapt to new customer behaviours or they will become extinct. Digitalisation already has massive impacts on the automotive industry and forces them to rethink their future agenda.

The future car will most likely be Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE). Each one of those areas is associated with certain opportunities, but also pitfalls.

​For example, one of the biggest bottlenecks in developing electrical car fleets, is not the battery development, but the grid infrastructure. In order to ensure broad electric driving capabilities a smart grid infrastructure needs to be set up to manage power supply within the ecosystem. ​

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